Pourrioscope: Analytical and crystal structured graphical view of the universe

Pourrioscope: Analytical and crystal structured graphical view of the universe


This family-owned business has one simple mission: bring you an analytical view of the universe.  Polarizen accomplishes its mission with Pourrioscope, a featherweight, tailed and robust quantum engine. In the next few pages, you will learn more about Pourrioscope with a detailed and graphical user manual and field trial scenarios. Welcome to Polarizen! Also @ pinterest.com/earthsoil2

Field trials(A-O)

Illustrating equation behind Pourrioscope with Planets Eris, 2012VP113 & Sedna
Illustrating equation behind Pourrioscope with Planets Eris, 2012VP113 & Sedna

Polarizen believes in transparency. The following trials are based on actual classifications. 

A1. Calibration environment: quarter target on wooden book shelf surface 2. Device: Pourrioscope equipped android 6 device 3. Classification method: Pourrioscope placed over and pointing down at center of a quarter dollar target 3. Classification tracking: A 3D elemental map of the target from right to left.

B1. Mapping a solar farm(6 rows of panels east and west, 30 deg of separation of about 10 ft) by pointing device at about 30 ft away from farm target and pointing Pourrioscope to center of target 2. Ponting out the signature for rotten or cracked as shown in row # 2(East)

C1. Natural diamond with hydrogen-filled micro cracks. 2. Hold android device about 2 ft above target at 5-10 degrees angle at a distance of 1-2 feet pointing LED lamp down toward target. 3. Result(right to left): cracks between carbon and diamond filled with hydrogen.

D1. Mapping underground crude oil: Pourrioscope-equipped android device laying face up on level ground 2. Pointing to hydrocarbons signature: nitrogen, carbon & hydrogen.

E1. Falling into space with Pourrioscope 2. Point android device LED lamp toward the sky or a constellation in a tilted manner. 3. As shown in the map from right to left, it's a free fall into space, then Keya constellation followed by North Star & Big Dipper e. 4. With Pourrioscope, if you know the constellation orientation(east, west, north, south), point device in said direction, and find it, you will, then, find the planets, stars etc... it is hosting. 

F1. Mapping a small solar farm containing 6 rows of solar panels 2. Standing 100 feet away and pointing Pourrioscope toward the solar panels 3. Looking for cracks and damage in the panels

G1. Mapping underground up to crude oil 2. Pourrioscope face up and laying flat on bare soil 3. Looking for lithium signature in the crude oil.

Brief history & introduction to Polarizen and its unique technology

A brief history

Polarizen started as a mineral collection and gem dealing business in 2009. Then, it started development of a device that can classify and identify the gemstones and precious metals collected. This development led to 2 copyrighted materials and one patent pending device: Proof that Any Integer Greater than 2 can be Expressed as Sum of two Primes (2016) & Continents and Sun Mapped with Raw Gemstones(2017). Polarizen has reduced resulting Pourrioscope device from a pistol size to a 4X4X4mm square device. 

I believe Pourrioscope is a "must have". Throughout its development alone, Polarizen was able to amass at least $1M worth of collected precious metals classified by Pourrioscope. Those minerals were used in its development and trials. Can Pourrioscope transform your project? You will be surprised the many ways it can.

What is Pourrioscope?

It is a two-tailed, featherweight and 4X4X4mm device that fits over LED lamp of an android device and uses its light beam/wifi sensor/app.

Classification technology

Pourrioscope can, as is proven for years, classify minerals on earth, deep underground and outer space- it is really infinite.